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How To Attract Objectives You Desire


Processes To Attract Objectives You Desire

It is definitely an unusual thought, the idea that we really do possess the capacity to manifest our objective reality.

What I am suggesting by this is that with intense mental energy, along with the right spiritual conditions being met, we can all create the physical reality that we want in the world around us.

But many people do not believe in The Laws of Creation (which are also called the Universal Laws of Attraction).

However if you examine the tradition of writing on this fascinating and amazing subject, the wonderful thing you come to appreciate is that even as far back in history as the early Egyptians, some brave souls were definitely investigating the skills and philosophy of manifesting the goals they wanted, changing reality, and creation.

Certainly this kind of technique looks rather cryptic and  esoteric, which is perhaps why the facts around manifestation have been hidden in secrecy for so long. Manifestation is indeed a reality! 

One thing that becomes clear very quickly when yo ustart to manifest is that an absence of doubt and a strong sense of being in your own power are essential qualities for manifestation to become a reality. One way to remove doubts and fears, and boost your power, is to do persosal work on your archetypal energies. One probem with manifestation is that so many peope think it should be easy. Thid comes down to a sense of entitlement (read about this in Mark Manson’s book, here), rather than a natural ability to stand in your own Sovereign archetype and deal with the doubst and fears that your Magician archetype can generate. (If all of this discussion of archetypes means very little to you, this book is a great introduction to the subject.)

In every country, there have been sorcerers and intuitive people, shamans and hidden “collectives” – call them secret societies – committed to this matter of manifestation and also to applying the laws of attraction for their own enlightenment and greater knowledge in the world.

Yet there’s nothing mysterious about this. It is an apparently incredible but real human talent, gift – again, call it what you will.

And for those of a religious outlook, it also seems the Bible speaks of creation, most presciently when one discovers the words: “As a man thinketh in his heart so he is”. This is the equating of belief as part of manifestation with faith. With faith, all things are possible.

The very first modern details of the techniques, tricks, skills and tactics of creation was written by Napoleon Hill, writing in the 1930s, in the period of the biggest depression in the USA.

He recorded up the ideas in his amazing book “Think and Grow Rich“. This work has continued to be a classic and sells in the millions to this day.

However I rather suspect that a lot of men and women do not understand the ideas that Napoleon Hill was expounding and working on in this timeless classic (Think and Grow Rich). By the way, if you read it, get the modern edition from the Napoleon Hill foundation. The old editions are racist and sexist.

Hill made the simple point that he provided ideas throughout his book about the secrets of creation.

It was somewhat as though he was arrogant enough to suggest that only men and women who could grasp what he was saying (and that assumes he was saying it clearly, which some would, frankly, doubt!) were justified in getting hints of how to operate the Universal Laws behind these phenomena associated with manifestation.

I certainly wouldn’t take that position, but in fact, I have to admit it is not at all clear from Hill’s material just what he did take to be the secret of producing your embodied physical reality.

That said, Hill did appreciate each of the concepts that are crucial to fully attract things by manifestation – regardless of whether you need fiscal success, relationship success, worldly success, or any other goal. The Law Of Creation can help, as Hill said.

As always, that is to say as always in any writing on the subject that is of any value, the crucial element behind the laws of creation or attraction is to get a very clear aim and to visualize yourself as if you already have that aim present in your own life.

Detailed imagery is vital, because by taking an in-depth image, you can produce a enthusiastic passionate desire or want for a specific object. Obviously, there must be a good reason for you to want your aim. Just weakly thinking that you’d like a zillion dollars isn’t satisfactory.

This is because in the absence of an emotionally driven force, without a fervent desire to do something purposeful with the cash, you are not going to possess the emotional drive that enhances the process of manifestation and attraction.

As many folks have observed, including Napoleon Hill, passionate desire and complete belief about the prospect of attaining your aim are both vital for it to manifest in your current situation.

You might, for example, desire to start a charity or help homeless people, or enjoy exploring some other charitable venture when you have extreme wealth.

The essence of this is to discover what it is that causes your heart to sing with joy, and then set out to achieve that goal. And once again we come back to the power of the Sovereign archetype, which is the repository of joy in the human system.

Hill additionally highlighted that it was vital to have or access support in using this method of attraction.

Hill advocated what he spoke of as a mastermind group, consisting of likeminded people who are fully supportive and understanding of you as you are striving to achieve your (passionately) wished-for goal.

It is a fact that when you’ve got a group of individuals working together, the degree of ingenuity and force produced is thousands of times greater than you’d anticipate simply by combining the energy of the group together.

Actually, the power of the mastermind group is that it creates an energetic energy which harnesses into the Universal Laws of Creation to assist you in manifesting your aim.

One crucial element that Hill emphasized over and over again in Think and Grow Rich was the demand to have complete, total faith in the possibility of reaching your desirable outcome.

To put it differently, in the event you experience any questioning or  uncertainties, or should you not believe that you may attain your goal, there isn’t the slightest possibility it will show up.

To take care of negative ideas that prevent you reaching your goal, you have to look into into your subconscious mind, and examine what those negative ideas are.

Then, you need to reconsider them in some way so you can quickly replace all of them with better beliefs which allow you to move positively on the road towards your goal.

Although conventional counseling or treatment is a good method of doing this, it’s a tedious procedure, and to achieve results in a timely fashion you may need to consider some kind of actionistic therapeutic work including Shadow Work or Family Constellations.

With the help of those therapeutic systems, you will be far more able to use the Law Of Manifestation immediately and efficiently.

Video: Archetypal work

Manifestation & Law Of Attraction

One of the most exciting discoveries of the 20th century is the fact that we now know that manifestation and the Law of Attraction are universal skills and tools every single one of us possesses.

Quite why the universe has chosen to gift the phenomenal ability to manifest reality, to co-create reality with the cooperation of the universe, to each one of us, is a mystery to this day, but it doesn’t matter!

What matters is that we all have the power to manifest our reality, and we can all set about doing so anytime we choose to. This is why it’s actually called conscious creation – you have to make some clear intention to manifest your reality in a different form to the one that currently surrounds you.

Video – Manifestation as a psychological process

Yet if it’s so easy, and in particular if it’s so easy to do it in the way described in The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, published 2007, then you have to ask – why isn’t everybody doing this?

Why isn’t everybody creating their own reality, and living a life of satisfaction, joy, harmony and richness?
Well…. first of all, many people are quite lazy, that’s undoubtedly one reason: but another is that, as you can read on the Internet, many people who tried to make the Law of Attraction work for them failed to do so.

(The more articulate amongst them then tend to write a blog on why the Law of Attraction is a scam and designed to fool people, ripping them off and exploiting their goodwill!)

Of course it’s human nature to be skeptical, it’s human nature to “diss” anything that isn’t fully understood, and it’s certainly human nature to believe that you can’t get something as easily as the Law of Attraction would imply.

Yet when you think about it, thoughts are things, because every single thing on the face of this planet started as a thought in somebody’s mind. And you know yourself how positive thoughts attract positive experiences, and negative thoughts can attract negative experiences. In some sense we can take this philosophy a little bit deeper, into the realm of the subconscious, or the unconscious, and come to the conclusion, perhaps, that there are more things about manifestation and creation that we do not know than we do know. Some of these things undoubtedly relate to the power of the unconscious mind. In particular, the power of the human shadow. (The shadow is the part of the unconscious which is responsible for controlling what we believe to be our conscious actions in the world. These are concepts are explained much more fully in this book: Warrior Magician Lover King.)

Now, I’m not trying to make a mystery of manifestation and the Law of Attraction, because I think it’s all actually quite simple: in the simplest terms possible, matter and energy the same thing, so that when you send out a thought, which is pure energy, there’s absolutely no reason to suppose that it can’t influence the energetic form of matter in the world around you.

Of course it’s a slightly larger leap to assuming that because you’re able to manifest things that you consciously think about and decide to create, that you can unconsciously manifest people, places and object as well.

But that’s what I want you to believe: the unconscious mind is thousands of times – nay, hundreds of thousands of times – more powerful than the conscious mind, and it’s simply logical to assume that its power to manifest is much greater than the conscious mind.

This means you don’t have to think consciously about what it is you’re trying to achieve, you just have to set in motion a certain process, to which the universe will then undoubtedly respond in the most amazing way.

You see, the thing is, the point that people who are skeptical about the Law of Attraction and principles of attracting reality miss is the fact that it’s actually a fundamental law of nature which is as natural to the human condition as breathing and eating. There isn’t any proof of this – at least, no scientific proof, although the experiences of hundreds of thousands of people across many centuries demonstrates the truth of the principles at work here.

Using The Law of Attraction is an act of faith – and that’s the important thing! As humans, we are required to believe that the Law of Attraction will enable us to manifest our reality, but the condition for us doing that is first of all that we must believe. We must, in short, have faith. That’s absolute faith, which leaves no room for doubt.

Perhaps that too is another reason why people fail – maintaining belief in the face of failure, or maintaining belief in the probability of something that is intrinsically quite improbable happening around you can be challenging.

But isn’t that the very nature of faith? That you stretch the boundaries, and you go beyond what you know to be true? That you explore the realm of the subconscious, and then you explore the realm of the metaphysical. This is the realm that allows us all to manifest those things which we want in life, provided we follow a few simple steps.

I’ve already mentioned the power of belief, but what follows next is more interesting: it’s intense desire, passionate desire for something to manifest in your life, something that you want so badly that you can almost taste the need for it in your life.

Rarely in life do we actually want anything intensely: our wishing is mostly of the wishy-washy kind of weak willed “how nice it would be if I had this in my life” kind.

But the truth of the matter is that wanting something passionately is well within the capability of any person who has the capacity to feel normal human emotions. The reason that mostly doesn’t happen, I believe, is that our desire is drummed out of us in childhood.

Our hopes and expectations, our beliefs and our desires, our passionate acceptance of the world as a benevolent place, is tested time and time again, until a point comes where we’ve completely lost our belief in our ability to change the world around us or to shape our destiny.

Only a fortunate few people retain this belief, and only those fortunate few are keen and passionate about the possibility of manifestation in life. Yet if you raise your expectations, you’ll find the Law of Attraction can work for you just as well as it can for anybody else.

Perhaps the best way of demonstrating this to yourself is to start with small objectives, and to move from those to something more ambitious each time you achieve success. You can find out more on the subject of my websites, which I’ve linked to above.