Secrets Of Reality Creation: Desire

What Do You Desire?

Although this question may seem seem perplexing at the moment, by the time you’ve finished reading this post, I’m hoping that you’ll understand why we talk about desire in the process of manifestation (i.e. using the Law of Attraction to get what you want), and why desire is so important in getting what you want.

Secrets Of Reality Creation

You see, many people start out on the road of manifestation and exploration of the universal Law of Attraction without fully understanding the need to be passionate about their objective.

We all want stuff – it’s human nature to be acquisitive, to accumulate goods and wealth. But why do so few of us get it? Is there some belief at work in society that it’s not spiritual to be materialistic? Maybe…..

But as we all know, in our society money is a necessity for survival, a means to power and control, and it’s also a commodity which enables us to live in a society that’s set up around the principle of the exchange of money for basis necessities like food and shelter.

You would therefore think, wouldn’t you, that somebody trying to manifest abundance or prosperity – where these terms refer to financial accumulation of wealth – would be passionate about what they were trying to achieve?

Well, yes, but you’d mostly be wrong, because many people don’t manifest anything. That’s because most of us need money much more than we want it.

Think about it….. this is a paradox – or at least it appears that way: most people who are short of money and need a lot more of it to improve the quality of their life, or to get out of debt, somehow don’t have the motivation to use the Law of Attraction and manifestation to solve their financial problems.

One of the reasons for this is that they don’t know how to be passionate about what they want.

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The first step in manifesting anything is to establish the connection between what you need and what you want.

No matter what your aspirations around manifestation, you need to have some level of passion and excitement about the prospect of resolving your lack and meeting your needs.

Without this, you may get nothing.

I think many of us are so overwhelmed by life, and perhaps even so disappointed by what we learn about ourselves as we grow up and enter into adult life, that we have trouble believing that we actually have the power to control and influence the world around us.

Accordingly, therefore, we may start out to use Law of Attraction principles of manifestation and find that really, we don’t feel very passionate or excited about the prospect of being able to manifest money (or anything else).

Perhaps what lies at the root of this extraordinary state of affairs is the fact that most people don’t believe they are going to be successful.

But even here, the fundamental problem is basically the same – which is to say that life has taught most people they can’t expect very much.

They have learned, somehow, that their basic desires, needs, wishes and aspirations are not going to be met or fulfilled, and that it is better to live in the expectation of getting little or nothing of what they want than to be disappointed….

So no wonder in the face of this reality, people fail to be passionate about changing their lives by using manifestation to create a different reality.

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Creating Your Reality

And this brings us right up against the first and rather harsh reality of using the Law of Attraction effectively: you absolutely have to have passion and desire for whatever you’re trying to create, and you also have to have absolute belief in the possibility of it appearing in your life – or rather, to put it another way, you absolutely have to believe in the fact that you can create your goals and objectives, whatever they may be, in your life.

Now, having that said, you can probably understand why so many people fail with manifestation – they can’t generate the necessary emotional energy that will propel them towards their goal.

In other words, when you’re visualizing an objective, when you’re trying to achieve a goal or outcome through manifestation, you need to be passionate and have a high level of energy about the process and the possible outcomes.

When people talk about getting excited, or feeling gratitude, or experiencing joy, they are accurately describing the emotional state that you need to achieve before you can manifest anything successfully.

Let me ask you a question.

If you’re not even getting excited about something you’re trying to manifest, how much motivation do you think you really have to actually bring it into your life?

The answer to this is clearly not very much, or you would be feeling at least some excitement.

This is the kind of excitement that you’ve perhaps felt once or twice in your life when you’ve had an idea you were really passionate and excited about….

It’s a feeling that lives in your belly as a kind of tingling excitement or perhaps shimmers up and down your arms and legs. It’s the sheer emotional power of the idea you were feeling….

And that’s the kind of energy you need to feel on a consistent, day-to-day basis to manifest anything successfully.

Attracting This Energy Can Be Easy!

I can hear the doubters now: “Easy, you say! Pah!”

But it is easy. You see, to summon up that level of energy you need to get into a mental space where you can actually feel the delight or joy or gratitude or happiness – call it what you will – that you know you will experience when your objective manifests as a reality.

Clearly if you’re a person who doesn’t experience much emotional energy – especially excitement – during everyday life, then you will have to work harder to summon up this energy than somebody whose state of being generally includes a lot of joy or delight.

One way of doing this is to picture yourself in a situation in the past where you felt extreme joy, pleasure or happiness about something.

Summon up that feeling again, and recreate that in your mind as you visualize yourself manifesting a new and different reality.

Any Intense Emotion Will Attract What You Want

You don’t have to use joy or delight to propel manifestation – you can use gratitude or relief. But the feeling has to be something intense; you have to actually feel something strongly enough to be able to put energy out into the universe with sufficient force for the universe to be triggered to respond.

You will have come across, perhaps, suggestions by various authors on manifestation and the Law of Attraction about how you can use anger and other negative emotions to propel the process of manifestation.

And this is absolutely correct – you can indeed use any strong emotion as fuel for the process.

What you must do is picture a mental image of what you want, or think you want, and associate with it some strong emotional force – it doesn’t particularly matter what the emotional force is. So long as the energy is powerful, it will serve to propel the energy of your desire out into the universe.

Next we will look at another fundamental and important aspect of the Law of Attraction – that is to say, the importance of belief, and how it can impact the process of manifestation for you.

One of the reasons that so many people fail to manifest anything is that they don’t have self belief.

We will look at this in detail, and find out exactly what you can do to overcome the limiting beliefs you have which will otherwise prevent you from manifesting your deepest desires.

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