Manifesting Change

Mike Dooley, author of Manifesting Change, talks about the ways we can all manifest something by focusing on the end result. This, of course, is Law of Attraction at work.

Specifically, he refers to JK Rowling (although it could be any other bestselling novelist), who spins one enthralling yarn after another.

And there’s no denying that JK Rowling has been incredibly successful – perhaps more so than any other author in recent years. The question is, what distinguishes her from all the other would-be authors who failed to make the grade?

Did she use Law of Attraction principles to achieve her remarkable success?

Perhaps the answer is that she has a vision in mind which is different to everybody else’s. Perhaps the vision she has in mind is something like this: “I’m a world-class storyteller – a bestselling novelist.”

With the belief that infuses every aspect of her being, Rowling probably only needs to go through the motions to fulfill her objective of being a bestselling author and a world-class storyteller.

Don’t misunderstand me when I use the expression “go through the motions”, because I’m quite sure that there is blood, sweat, toil, and tears involved in writing her stories, but the point is that when somebody holds such a strong belief about themselves, about the end result, the path to that outcome is much easier to travel.

You see, the universe provides the means, because the end result is clear.

So, through a series of lucky “coincidences”, or by means of “chance happenings”, destiny is fulfilled.

And you’ll notice also that JK Rowling is not just on a path where (I have no doubt) she meets the right agents and publishers – let alone the right readers; she is on a path where she appears to be  literally infused with inspiration and creativity. In other words, by defining her end result, her desired outcome, the universe has connected her to the qualities necessary to achieve it.

Although I haven’t interviewed JK Rowling, it would be very interesting to hear her talk about how she conceived and manifested her books about the young Mr Potter. In particular, I would expect her to say she never doubted for one moment that she would be a success.

And you might have experienced something similar for yourself – the power of inspiration in the face of a firmly held goal.

In other words, the way the universe provides the means to achieve what it is you aspire to, when you hold a desired outcome firmly in mind with total conviction. This is indeed how the Law Of Attraction operates.

As Mike Dooley puts it: “If you have an end result that could not otherwise be brought about without you having an epiphany of some sort, you will then be provided this bright idea gratis on a silver platter as you go about your affairs, and move – physically move – toward your end result.”

It’s also true, that if your end result is something around poverty, deprivation, life being hard, or a struggle, or people being mean, or the world falling into chaos and war, or that you “just can’t keep the weight off”, well, you can expect the universe to bring those things to your door as well. You see, Law Of Attraction is impartial in these matters!

So you shouldn’t underestimate the power of your words and your thoughts to bring about the people and circumstances who manifest those words and thoughts in some kind of negative reality – along with the feelings that help hasten the manifestation of those negative things.

In other words, to be blunt, how you feel to a large extent depends on what your objective desired outcome is.

Law Of Attraction Works Positively And Negatively.

It’s hard to imagine that somebody who has a belief about how empowered they are in the world will succumb to feelings of powerlessness, depression or despair.

So if you feel overwhelmed in some way, could avoiding such feelings really be as simple as this: you begin by saying new things, thinking new things, and focusing on a new end result that will serve you, such as: “My life is easy! I love what I do and I am surrounded by people who love me! I have so much free time! I’m so wealthy!”

Yes, it could.

First you create your own desired outcome – a new reality – then you believe in it – then you take steps, even small ones, towards it.

And the universe will help you in every way that it can.

You’ve heard of course that the rich keep getting richer. And no doubt you’ve explained the difference between them and you in some way: they had the privileged background, or the better education, or they are more intelligent, or they know the right people, or they were born “with a silver spoon in their mouth”…. Or something similar.

And no doubt you have a list of reasons why the rich keep getting richer too: they know the right people, they have the capital to invest, they’ve been lucky, their father helped them out, they inherited their wealth…. Or something similar.

But could it be as simple as the fact that they actually have a vision of themselves as wealthy, surrounded by abundance? You see, they may have the power to use the Law Of Attraction even without realizing it.

Perhaps they were just naive enough, or brave enough, or even ignorant enough to be able to hold onto an end result that told each of them “I have all the abundance I could ever need and I am now, and always will be, surrounded by great wealth.”

And perhaps they then followed the vision by taking steps towards that outcome – moving consistently in the direction of their dreams of abundance, by doing the things that lead them, step by step, inexorably, towards their goal.

As Dooley says, “As long as you hold a vision in your mind, it must come to pass. You cannot stop it; that’s how powerful these universal principles are.”

The Law of Attraction and Manifestation Explained