Manifesting Change (2)

Law Of Attraction concepts behind manifestation, as set out in Mike Dooley’s book Manifesting Change, are something like this:

  • Time and space are illusions – at least at one level of consciousness… the inner level of consciousness where our subconscious mind allows us to communicate with the infinite intelligence.
  • The infinite intelligence is another name for the divine, the universal intelligence, the cosmic mind, the universal mind, or even God.
  • We have the ability to influence infinite intelligence with the power of our thoughts.
  • We are all connected, and we are more similar than we are different.
  • We are all part of the divine, so that each one of us is a small manifestation of the divine.
  • Everything that we see around us here and now is the product of our thought processes.
  • The rules which govern our existence including the Law Of Attraction say that thoughts become things, like attracts like, and you get what you ask for (provided you do it in a certain way!)

Explaining Attraction

The very reason why we can assume there is a law of attraction at work in the universe is that thoughts become things.

Indeed, it is the first principle of the universe that  thoughts become things.

And here’s how our thoughts literally become the things and events of our lives.

First we send out a thought into the universe, which impacts on the universal energy field, which responds by rearranging circumstances, events, people and places so what we want can thereby come into existence.

Nothing gets in the way of our “thoughts becoming things” – except our own limiting beliefs, which will always inhibit our ability to effortlessly create our own reality.

So before we go any further it’s worth keeping in mind that reality creation cannot fail for you, provided you follow the principles which govern the law of attraction: you are part of the divine, you have all you need within you to connect to the universe, and your potential is unlimited.

But I know that when you hear me say that, and when you compare those statements to your own experience, you may well be left wondering why so few people (perhaps including you) appear to succeed in manifesting anything.

The first and foremost reason is the one I mentioned above – that people hold limiting beliefs about what they can do.

Let’s just do a reality check.

If you have ever wondered whether or not the Law of Attraction is real, get out a sheet of paper now and write down all the things in your life now, for which you have been the creator. 

You are going to be astounded when you do this. It’s a simple exercise but it gives you a direct insight into the enormous number of things you’ve already created in your life, without even being conscious of how you’ve done it – at least in the majority of cases!

Video – Unconscious Creation

Now imagine taking that power of conscious creation further, so that you can actually manifest the miraculous using Law of Attraction principles.

Methods of Manifestation

And so,  here, according to Mike Dooley, are the essential steps of any manifestation whatsoever:

  • define what you want in terms of the end result
  • establish firm belief in the achievement of your desires
  • put yourself in a place of receivership
  • move in the general direction of your dreams
  • and wait for the manifestation of a brand-new experience

Makes it all sound so simple, doesn’t it?

But here’s the extraordinary thing – it is simple. 

Everything else is an illusion….

All the obstacles you create to prevent manifestation, all the reasons you think of why you shouldn’t have what you want, all the self-doubts you harbor, such as the feeling you’re not good enough or not worthy enough or clever enough or not lovable enough…. they are all illusions.

Yet when it comes to manifestation these limiting beliefs are very powerful blocks to getting what you want.

For example – you can’t manifest wealth and abundance in financial terms if you have very distinct and limited views of how much your worth. (Do you think that trying to manifest $1 million would work if you believe your net worth is no more than a $50,000 a year salary? No, of course your Law Of Attraction would not allow it.)

So, as you’ll see from the above, unsurprisingly, the starting point for manifestation is to define what you want in terms of the end result.

And more specifically, as Mike Dooley says, you define your outcomes as though you have already achieved them – which is essentially the purpose of visualization.

Law Of Attraction Always Works

One of the interesting things about manifestation is how a particular sequence of events needs to be brought together in a particular order at particular times – at least as we judge it – for anything to manifest.

Mike Dooley tells a story of how he was involved in a car accident with the King of Saudi Arabia’s car – yet when he stopped to think about this “accident” he realized that even one tenth of a second difference in any aspect of the entire journey leading up to the point where the cars crashed would have prevented the accident happening.

He asks whether such a sequence of events is just “coincidental” or if it could be specifically designed by the universe so that certain things happen certain times?

It’s an interesting question, but Dooley’s conclusion is clear – WE ARE NOT LIVING IN A RANDOM UNIVERSE, one where chance and luck play a dominant role in determining what happens.

No – we are living in a carefully choreographed universe where every sequence of events is minutely planned by the universe to achieve a particular outcome. The problem, of course is that our brains are far too small to be able to deal with “all the invisible intricacies that bring any manifestation to pass”.

The point, as made by Mike Dooley, is that the only thing you do have control over is your visualization of the end result – i.e. your desired outcome.

And once you visualize the end result in such a way that it has no choice but to be manifested, a sequence of events will take place and begin to unfold to move you from where you are now to where you want to be. And that sequence is entirely down to the universe’s discretion.

But because we have such a limited capacity to work out those details of manifestation, it’s essential we don’t turn our attention to what’s been called the “cursed hows“.

In other words – let the universe do its work. Trust in the Law of Attraction and believe that what you want will come to pass.

You see, manifestations been described as “magic” because it looks exactly like that – you program an end result into the cosmic computer, and what you get out is exactly what you want.

It’s not your job to wonder about how it can happen, or to try and work out the steps that may be necessary to make it manifest.

You have no control whatsoever over the steps which move you from where you are now to where you are going. 

And if you’re wondering about the car crash which Mike Dooley was involved in, and what purpose it could possibly have served, Mike Dooley rationalizes it this way: “Whenever the seemingly un-thought of and unexpected lands in your path, it is always a stepping stone to another place that you have been thinking about…”

But, to reiterate the point, we are not victims of fatal chance or luck – rather, anything and everything which happens on our path is predicated upon all of our thoughts.

So, for example, Mike Dooley says the car accident in which he was involved was an event that took him to a different place.

It was a stepping stone – and the specific steps it created were a way to get off a routine of all-night partying, and a profound insight about the nature of reality.

I think if you read his book you will see how this directly led to a career as an international writer and speaker. (Oh yes, and a teacher on the miraculous mechanics of manifestation.)

So: to summarize. The greatest secret of manifestation is that your mind can force an outcome, and the universe will take care of the steps and events and means to manifest what you want. 

In the next post we will find out more about how this can be achieved.

The Law of Attraction and Manifestation Explained