Ways To Create Your Vision

The Law Of Attraction is a subject Marc Allen knows all about.

Marc is one of the founders of the New World Library Publishing Company, and he has published some of his very own successful books including The Millionaire Course, The Ten Percent Solution, and Visionary Business.

So he’s clearly a man who lives by the principles that he teaches. Many of Marc’s books talk, explicitly or implicitly, about manifestation and Law of Attraction – and since it’s always great to learn from a man who walks his talk, let’s find out what we can learn from Marc about living a successful life , whether or not you want to be a millionaire.

(Remember the Law of Attraction works for many different things. Well, anything, in fact!)

The Millionaire Course is in fact a book about how to create the life of your dreams, not necessarily how to become a millionaire.

Marc is keen to emphasize that life is an adventure of your own making, and that the keys to success, whatever that means for you, are always available to you.

In fact, keys to success are around you all the time: they can take the form of other people, events and circumstances that match up with what you need, coincidences, synchronicity, and lessons from life… as well as many other things.

But one thing that all of these keys have in common is that they work for everyone, and that different keys will work for different needs – spiritual, physical, emotional, mental and material.

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The Ideal Scene

Start, says Marc, with the end in mind. In other words, start by visualizing the goals that you want to achieve. He calls this the ideal scene. (That is, the ideal scene of your life – what you want to attract to you.)

That might involve some specific objective, like being a millionaire, or it might involve a way of life. In actual fact, it’s much better if it does involve a way of life, because being a millionaire can be an “empty goal”. (More about that later.)

According to Marc, however, the really important point is what kind of life you want to create for yourself – and then the question is: “What steps do you need to take in order to live the life of your dreams?”

Sidebar: I’ve heard a lot of people argue that money in itself is not a suitable objective for use with the law of attraction. And the reason that people say this is because they are making the assumption that making money a goal in its own right is somehow spiritually unacceptable or unproductive.

Set a goal which you really desire.
Looking to make money with the Law Of Attraction? It’s easy….provided you know what you’re doing!

But the truth of the matter is that people can manifest money for a whole variety of reasons, including the desire to do some kind of good in the world, the desire to change things for the better, or the desire to give their family financial security.

I would much rather prefer to think of money as a spiritually neutral goal. Surely the important point is what the money is going to be used for?

Certainly it could well be the case that when you set a goal of acquiring or attaining $1 million and successfully achieve it you will discover you need more than just money to generate happiness or fulfillment.

But then again, you may not – money may be a route to happiness for you, and I don’t feel that I’m empowered to judge or advise you on the rightness or wrongness of your aspirations and goals.

What I do know, however, is that money desired out of greed or self-interest is money that comes at the cost of some kind of spiritual drain or even emotional pain.

Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power Of Now, has spoken at length about what he describes as the “right attitude” to money. He basically says that we shouldn’t crave money, and we shouldn’t worship it.

But neither should we despise it, because money in itself is neither good nor bad – it’s just a tool for us to use as we wish. In other words, money is not inherently good or bad, it’s just a commodity for some purpose or other, hopefully of a spiritual kind.

And if you don’t know what spiritual means, don’t worry about it – think of spiritual as a shorthand for doing something that benefits the world or the people in it or both.

By the way, Eckhart said “For years I had no money, and that was OK, and now I have money, and that’s OK too.”

That’s a very practical and simplistic attitude to money, which evades totally any moral judgments or moral issues. But I think you need more than this attitude to manifest money successfully – you need a meaningful purpose.

And so, here you are, at the point where you can begin to imagine your ideal scene.

As I said above, we always start with the end in mind: so this is the point to ask yourself what you would like to have in your life if you were to dream a dream about where you will be five years from now.

Let’s assume that you’re living your ideal life, doing what you want to do, being who you want to be, and having what you want to have.

What would that scene look like?

Now this isn’t going to be something you can do in a moment or two: you need to relax, find time to do this properly, and then allow your imagination to wander.

If this were the life of your dreams, what would you want to have in it? What kind of work or occupation would you have? What would a typical day look like? What would you be doing to contribute to the betterment of humanity or the betterment of the world?

What have you accomplished? Where do you live? What sort of home you living in, and what are your intimate relationships looking like?

More to the point perhaps, what kind of person are you? What are your physical, spiritual, mental and intellectual states?

These questions are really only a starting point, and the limitations on what you can be have or do only exist in your imagination.

So as you do this, make sure you “dream big”. (But do see the note below about believing in yourself.)

And now you need to write down your goals, so that you know exactly what it is that you hope to have achieved in five years from now.

Start by simply listing them, in any way that seems suitable. And after you have listed them, go back and rewrite them as affirmations.

Now you will know, very likely, that affirmations are written in a positive way, in the present tense. They might look like this:

  • I succeed by doing what I really enjoy, making beautiful artwork and beautiful music.
  • I live in a beautiful home in a quiet area beside the ocean.
  • I can easily afford my home and my lifestyle.
  • I have X million dollars in the bank in liquid assets I live a life of great joy among my family and friends.
  • I own a business that is growing successfully and profitably and provides employment and happiness to many other people.


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