The Universe Will Not Let You Down

Surprisingly, the process of manifestation using Law of Attraction always involves the same simple actions, no matter what you are attempting to create in your life.

These can be listed rather simply like this – to start with, you require a quite clear intention.

Simply put, you have to understand what it is that you are attempting to produce in your world using the Law of Attraction.

Then you need to send it into the world with a lot of emotional energy.

A Clear Intention For Attraction

This is what we would generally call establishing a goal. However in the case of manifestation this takes place in a slightly different way to what I would call the normal method of goal setting.

When I talk about the typical methods of establishing a goal, I’m specifically describing the procedure in which an individual sets a target for himself, and afterwards aims to accomplish it by taking obvious physical action of some kind.

Manifestation requires a different method. It requires an approach which is much more subtle. To start with, manifestation means developing an objective about which you are fervently enthusiastic.

That is to say, you need to desire something so acutely that you can really feel your need to attain this specific outcome in every fiber of your being.

The majority of people are not accustomed to feeling enthusiastic about anything in life.

In fact, many of us tend to walk through life in a state of passive acceptance of whatever happens to us, rarely feeling powerful emotion concerning our goals and desires.

Yet if we are not working towards our true needs, we are failing to capitalize on the potential that most of us have to be a truly fulfilled person. Only then can we work with the remarkable power that is given to us as part of our humanity.

Video – On Attraction, by Bob Proctor

And also, of course, this touches on the issue of exactly how we summon up enthusiastic, passionate desire for any particular objective which we wish to attain in life by using Law Of Attraction.

For those people who are not accustomed to really feeling enthusiastic, or needing something intensely, this can be a significant difficulty in learning to use manifestation as a creative process.

Sadly, for those who are in this position, typically manifestation does not happen — their efforts fall at the first hurdle, in a manner of speaking!

What to do about lack of success?

One of the methods or techniques which you can use to identify significant personal goals is to think of what makes your heart sing with joy!

To utilize the expression “makes your heart sing with delight” could seem melodramatic and grandiose. But those of you who have currently discovered a goal in life, an objective that loads you up with emotional fulfillment and personal satisfaction, will understand just what this means. Law Of Attraction needs emotional fuel!

When you are working at something which aligns with your deepest values, the things you hold most dear, you experience a degree of spiritual fulfillment which goes way beyond the experience that a lot of us have in everyday life.

Individuals who experience deep satisfaction about what they are doing tend to be passionate about life. And yes, there is a circle of empowerment here. You are excited by something and your excitement generates more enthusiasm and passion.

So, to repeat: for something to materialize easily, you need feel passionate about it….  in other words, you need to really want it. 

Having identified something you are passionate about, you then need to form a practical goal. This is your target, your objective or desired outcome, for manifestation.

Video – embodying your desires

Of course, simply developing an objective (deciding on a goal) today is not sufficient to push the process of manifestation forward. Law of Attraction needs more.

Whenever you think of your objective, a procedure that could take a few minutes two or three times a day, you need to summon up the same level of energy every time — let us call it “passion” — to ensure that your intention to manifest is communicated to the universe.

Energy & Power To Make Things Manifest

The second requirement for effective manifestation is a powerful or forceful emotion which holds intense energy. This can send your intentions to the universe powerfully and clearly.

Experts in Law of Attraction metaphysics, who have researched this for years, will certainly tell you that we do not need to understand just how manifestation works to be able to use the process effectively.

I agree with this totally.

I find it disappointing that so many people who attempt to manifest commonly turn to silly pseudo-scientific explanations.

These usually include a comprehensive misunderstanding of quantum physics! And usually coming from one simple truth – that matter and energy are the same thing at the subatomic level.

There is no doubt that statement is totally correct.

And that’s why some misguided folks presume that the energy of thoughts and emotions can impact the creation or manifestation of objects and matter.

On the face of it this is a superficially plausible explanation of how your Law of Attraction might operate. Yet there are many other much more engaging explanations that fit the facts better.

One plausible description is based on the fact that everything we perceive around us started life as a thought in someone’s mind. Surely that is relevant to manifestation?

Yes, and no! In the process of manifestation, what seems to be more important is the capacity for the real world to take an infinite variety of forms. So what controls how (in other words, in what forms) matter and energy manifest in the world around us?

Out of infinite possibilities, what is it that determines the specific nature of the physical reality that we see around us?

Perhaps it is our intention to manifest a particular form of matter.

Essentially when you are trying to manifest something you are attempting to affect the process of creation to ensure that something which does not already exist comes into existence in the form you want…..

One plausible explanation of how this can happen suggests that matter in the world around us appears in response to our creative efforts on this planet in a form that depends on the thought energy that goes into its creation.

In one sense this is obviously true.

Why? Because everything we see around us started life as a thought in somebody’s mind.

But in the process of manifestation, what seems to be more important is the potential for the physical world to take an infinite number of different forms.

You may ask what determines the form in which matter appears in the world around us? Out of millions of possibilities, what is it that controls the exact nature of the physical reality that is created in response to our thoughts, feelings and emotions?

The answer is probably this – mostly, it is your focused thought (especially your intention to manifest a particular expression of physical matter) which is mostly responsible for the form in which anything appears in the environment around us.

For example, when an architect designs a building, and the builders construct it, there is a clear plan and you would expect the form in which the building appears to resemble both the plan and the design.

Manifestation operates at a more subtle level as you have probably observed. But I will say this – every Law Of Attraction is consistent in how it operates.

Essentially when you are manifesting something you are trying to influence the process of reality creation so that something which currently does not exist becomes a real part, a physical part, a material part of your world.

This may involve the bringing together of people or places, or the manifestation in your life of particular objects or entities, or even energies.

Perhaps the most common attempt that people make when using the spiritual Law of Attraction is to manifest money or abundance of some kind.

Naturally the process is different to designing a building. First of all you do have an intention or an outcome, but you most definitely do not generally have a plan.

Instead, you send out your intention to the universe fuelled with high levels of emotional energy. Then you await the arrival in your world of those things which you have expressed the intention to create.

Over and over again, repeatedly, when you read about manifestation you will see the instruction to ignore the problem of how things will be created.

This fits with my hypothesis that there are an infinite number of possible ways that the energetic basis to the universe can produce physical reality.

You can think of manifestation as a way in which the energy that you put out as part of your thinking will affect the form in which that energy of the universe appears in physical form.

It is probably safe to say that the actual way in which the creation of reality occurs is a total irrelevance to you.

You cannot possibly know even a minute proportion of the various ways in which the universe could manifest the intention that you have set for yourself. It probably isn’t even your responsibility to think about this.

For whatever reason we have been gifted with a process which allows us to set an intention and to send it into the world with high levels of energy, and then sit back and await its manifestation in our lives.

This sounds like a very simple summary of what may look like a very complicated process.

But when you think about it, setting an intention and then expressing it to the universe in the correct way has been the basis of conscious creation of reality for as long as mankind has existed: it’s what we call prayer.

I suppose those of us who are not particularly religious will steer away from this word (prayer).

Yet intention and energy combined can make things happen in a way that often seems mysterious and sometimes completely unexpected.

In another post on this blog I’ll go into a lot more detail about the requirements you need to make the universe deliver what you want to appear in your life.

The Law of Attraction and Manifestation Explained