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Using Your Imagination

If you’re willing to dream, if you’re willing to spend time imagining everything that you could be, and then willing to live from the product of that vision, the universe will co-operate with you in ways that you can’t even imagine.

In fact you’ll be astounded by the series of coincidences, the twists and turns, the unexpected people, places and events that enter into your life to bring you into the manifest reality of your imagination.

To live at this extraordinary level of consciousness, or even to dip into it, is an awe-inspiring experience. And of course it requires you to do certain things that you’re not currently doing.

It also requires you to do certain things differently. At the moment you’re probably using your imagination in a way that some helpful to you: imagining the manifestation of your fears, and doubts, perhaps.

Or perhaps imagining how you are in some way lacking, inadequate, or not entitled to enjoy the grace of the universe or its ability to give you what you want.

When you live from an awareness that you are part of God, of course your doubts and fears slip away. But for the moment you might be spending your time imagining what you don’t want to happen to you.

Bring your minutely detailed attention to the way you think and speak, particularly to the level of thought which resides at the edge of your consciousness. Then, you’re going to realize how often you use expressions like, “I don’t deserve to be rich”, “there isn’t enough to go round”, “what I’m doing isn’t worth very much”, “I’m simply unhealthy and that’s the way it is”.

It’s a mystery why the human mind seems to more easily gravitate to the negative rather than the positive. But we don’t need to consider that mystery. We need to consider the possibility that it’s not so difficult to shift our thinking from negative to positive. From despair to hope. From mean-spiritedness to gratitude. From misery to joy. From negative expectation positive expectation.

Laws Governing Attracting What You Want

Now of course having become aware of how negatively your mind is operating at the moment, you face a challenge. Being negative about manifestation or Law of Attraction will cause them to fail to operate in your life. And the opposite is true.

But simply becoming aware of the negativity in your mental environment is not enough to change it.

You actually need to find a way of honoring your imagination and your expectations around the positive goals and outcomes and visions you have for yourself and your world. And one way to do this is to replace every negative thought with a positive one as soon as you become aware of it.

Of course, that isn’t easy. If it was, then everybody would be a lot happier than they are.

My suggestion is that you start with an intention: a clear and definite intention which you can embody wholeheartedly. An intention to manifest what you want and to follow your desires as closely as you can. An intention to live authentically to the degree that you are able – and then just a little bit more. This will activate the Law of Attracting and make it work in your favor.

My next suggestion is that you never put anything into your imagination which you do not wish to manifest. If you do find yourself thinking negatively, one way you can deal with this is to allow yourself “simply to doubt your disbelief”. In other words, allow yourself to accept the possibility of your doubts being wrong. Allow positive expectation and hope to erode disbelief and doubt.

Maybe you’re responding negatively to the suggestion that positive thinking can help you live a more constructive and gracious life, and most definitely help you to achieve your goals and objectives? Well, then you really do have some fundamental work to shift yourself from a place of negativity to positivity.

Gratitude Gives Creation A Boost!

One way you can do this is by developing a practice of gratitude. Perhaps more quickly than any other single mental, emotional or spiritual discipline, practicing gratitude can shift you from a place of negativity to positivity in only days.

And everyone has many things that they can be grateful for: it’s only a matter of perspective if you don’t see them right now. The fact that you’re alive, or the taste of a piece of fruit, or the fact that you have clothing to wear, or a friend to talk to, or clean water to drink.

Gratitude can be expressed for small things, like a chance conversation with a passerby. And it can be expressed for big things like the manifestation of money or your ability to use the law of attraction. Most of all, for the fact that you’re alive with the opportunities that you have open to you right here, right now.

You see, the way you respond to the suggestion of adopting a practice of gratitude is probably good indication of the emotional tone of your entire life. By making an intention to think more positively, you really can establish a solid foundation for successful manifestation.

The choice is yours.

Another piece of advice that I’d like to offer you is the possibility of bringing your mind round to focus on the future rather than on the past.

I’m certainly not suggesting that the past is irrelevant. Far from it. In fact, as we all know the past is absolutely responsible for making us who we are in our lives today. What I’m saying is that the past really does not need to control your future.

I’ve heard people say things like “I’m simply going to lay down my past and stop living in a way that is controlled by what happened to me.” But I think that’s overambitious: for me, the mind doesn’t work in such a simplistic way.

I don’t deny the possibility that some people can do exactly that. But I think it’s probably true that most people need the assistance of some kind of process that will “reprogram” their subconscious mind. That way, memories of the past become less of a hindrance, less of an obstacle to using the Law of Attraction. And I will talk about how that might be done on another page of this website.

For the moment please accept the idea that you may need to overhaul your imagination. You may need to replace ideas and beliefs about yourself which inhibit you from manifesting success, such as “I’ve always been this way”, “That’s just how I am”, “I can’t do it”, with more positive and affirming thoughts and beliefs such as “I am happy, I am healthy, I have all I need”, “All I need is within me now”, and, perhaps more than anything else “I have a right to be who I am and to do what I wish” and “I am good enough”.

In other words, replace every negative thought with a positive thought, and engage in some kind of spiritual or emotional practice which allows you to shift the energy of your thinking processes from negative to positive.

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