Wayne Dyer: Wish Fulfillment

Mastering Manifestation

Wayne Dyer, who many of you will probably already know from his bestselling books on self-development and self-growth, has written about the art of manifestation using Law of Attraction techniques in his book “Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting”.

He has an interesting approach to the subject, which he frames differently to the way most authors look at it. That’s probably because he’s coming from an original, highly personal perspective.

He talks about the five “wishes fulfilled foundations“. These are, in order:

  •  One: Using Your Imagination
  • Two: Live From The End
  • Three: Feeling It
  • Four: Your Attention Please
  • Five: Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
  • Six: Making It All Come Together

Obviously these are attractive titles, and I’d like to explore what they mean.

I’m going to try and present a brief summary of his ideas with an explanation of each “foundation” mentioned above – hopefully this will all make sense to you.

But before we start discussing how the Law Of Attraction operates, it’s necessary to say that Wayne is very clear that the most fundamental principle of all is our ability to accept that we are a part of The Divine Whole.

Of course you can use any word or phrase that you prefer to refer to The Cosmic Power, The Divine Intelligence or God.

From this, it also follows that you need to accept that we have a right to act as a part of this spiritual whole. From that position, from that perspective, manifestation using Law of Attraction begins to look like something natural, something that’s a part of our very essence.

Many things follow from this understanding – a lived, embodied understanding – that we are all a part of the universe, and that the divine lives within us.

First and foremost for me is the fact that we are more connected than we are separate. 

War, conflict, strife, dissension, disagreement and separation are all reflections of our existence on the earthly plane, not reflections of our divine nature.

Second, for me, is the realization that our essence is spiritual rather than physical. 

Again, separation from the spiritual is actually separation from our origin, and separation from who we truly are; however, this seems to be an inevitable consequence of our existence on the physical plane.

Anyone who’s run a workshop where people dive into their emotional being (which I see as the closest connection to spirit for most people) will understand what I mean when I talk about the heart energy that seems to be generated in a circle of open, vulnerable men and women.

That heart energy, to me, represents something of the spiritual energy of the universe. Or, to put it more exactly, something of the energy that holds us together in spirit.

It’s experienced, rather than explicable. Like those moments of spontaneous connection with the divine which can occur in meditation, once you’ve experienced it, you can be in no doubt about its reality.

So now, it’s on to….

Laws of The Universe 

The First Wishes Fulfilled Foundation:
Using Your Imagination To Manifest

Over the years, many authors have said that they regard the greatest gift we have as our imagination. I think that’s putting it too strongly (our greatest gift is to be a part of the Universal Whole), but I know what they mean.

By using your imagination you can access the greatest power that you will ever know: the power of your connection to the universe.

Video: Some Spiritual Stuff (A Diversion)

Indeed, it’s true that your imagination is the part of you which can create the life you desire by controlling Law of Attraction in your life.

Think of this as the part of you which is the sovereign in your life. And it isn’t just the sovereign on an earthly plane. In some sense your sovereign has a transpersonal connection to the spiritual world beyond the physical reality around you.

By using your imagination you can create reality. What a magnificent statement that is: yet the simplest proof of this is to look around you right now.

Almost everything you see, hear, smell or taste is the product of someone’s imagination. Almost everything that you see, hear, smell or taste started as a thought in someone’s mind.

You might respond by saying, “Well yes, of course it did, and then people went to work to build it or make it.” But that doesn’t deny the reality of my observation that everything begins in the imagination.

I want you to go beyond this concept, and consider the possibility that the foundations of creation of physical reality can take place in the spiritual world.

Law of Attraction Works

Many people try to explain how Law of Attraction can cause manifestation to take place in our physical world, and they resort to explanations based on poorly understood concepts of quantum physics.

So let me ask you, what do you think you need to understand about quantum physics to accept the manifestation is a reality, and that the law of attraction is a genuine phenomenon in our lives?

Well, I’ll answer that question for you: nothing. Zilch. All you need is the act of faith which takes you beyond the place where you “need” an explanation for what happens in the world around you.

In the next post we’ll continue to examine the principles behind creation and manifestation using the Law Of Attraction, and see how this is your divine inheritance, the right of every human being on the planet to live as part of the divine inheritance which we all gain from being part of the world of spirit, even though we have currently manifested on the planet in a temporary human existence.

The Law of Attraction and Manifestation Explained