How the Law Of Attraction Works (1)

Mike Dooley

Mike is one of my favourite authors in the field of manifestation and the Law of Attraction.

He has written several books on the subject, which I recommend highly: Manifesting Change – It Couldn’t Be Easier is one of my favourites – and another well worth a look is Infinite Possibilities.

But I suppose one of the questions that always comes up for me is “Why should we follow the words and beliefs – and even the instructions – of any particular author in this area?”

First of all, there’s the question of wisdom and experience. Mike has been on a lifelong search for knowledge and understanding about manifestation, just as I have, and I think it shows in the depth of wisdom in his writing.

But ultimately, this is just a matter of trust – you find an expert – or, if you prefer, a guru – who you think can lead you on your own journey, walking with you for a certain distance until you move on to meet another expert who can take you further.

To this extent, therefore, whether or not you follow one particular individual’s beliefs and suggestions about how to manifest reality is entirely up to you.

I suggest you take what works, and reject what doesn’t. Incorporate  into your own belief system the ideas you like, and leave the others beside the pathway as you walk on.

And doing just that, I’ve read Mike Dooley’s books over a number of years now and I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s actually lived his journey – when he talks about manifestation and Law of Attraction concepts he’s speaking from a base of real, hard-won experience. And frankly that’s what I like – because my own experience in this field has also been hard-won.

And maybe that’s a good thing. For perhaps, when experience comes with challenges, and learning is slow, knowledge and understanding is integrated better; somehow, it becomes more entwined with the fabric of who a person is.

With that in mind, let’s take a diversion and explore a little of what he has to say about Law of Attraction and see what it might teach us.

 dooley1 manifestingchange

Manifesting Change was written in 2010, and at the time, as Mike says, it was his most in-depth analysis on the workings of time and space.

Now, I caution you right here, right now, that what one man says about the workings of time and space may well just be one man’s opinion. However, I think most of what Mike writes represents the truth of the matter.

He starts by defining his terms: when he talks about the universe, he says he is referring to God. But then he goes on to be more specific about what his idea of God constitutes – it bears little resemblance to the God of Western religions or Eastern religions, that’s for sure. In fact for Mike, God, or the universe, or divine intelligence, is “all there is”.

I think that’s a widespread view among seekers after truth – what we know as God goes by the name of Cosmic Consciousness, the Universal Intelligence, the Great Mystery, the Oneness, All That Is, the Universal Mind… and hundreds of other words as well,  all of which are designed to express some simple concepts which lie at the root of all manifestation by use of Law of Attraction:

We are all connected, we are more similar than we are different, and we can all communicate with the universal energy field from which everything that exists in our world has manifested.

Useful information on this. More information here.

Indeed, going beyond this, I’d say: we are all part of the divine. In fact, each of us is one small manifestation of the divine.

Sure, each individual’s philosophy plays a large part in what they think and believe about metaphysical concepts like manifestation and law of attraction.

But I’m right with Mike when he says that we are not here to be tested, or judged, or sentenced – that life is not a trial of some kind.

The truth of the matter is this: we are here to taste the bounty and glory of our own creativity. We are here to be magnificent, we are here to take, as our birthright, all that is open to us, and to enjoy it to the full.

And what that means, for me, is that we are here to manifest reality in a way that allows us to live with dignity, prosperity and abundance.

So for me, the meaning of life is simple: simply, to live life to the full, and to follow our heart’s expression of our deepest values and truths, so that we can become who we were always meant to be.

And the way in which we can achieve this is by manipulating the universal energy field so that it gives us what we want.

A Definition Of Manifestation

This is what manifestation consists of – the way in which we express our desires and wishes to the universe, and the response of the universe which is to bring those things into being in our existence.

Naturally, as you might well surmise if you look around you, we are born into spiritually immature and primitive times, when most people are unaware of our divine heritage, and do not know how to access their innate ability to influence the world around them.

But you are different, you are reading this –  which shows that you have an interest in manifestation, and you probably already know something about Law of Attraction and its capacity to change your life.

Which brings us to an interesting point –

What Exactly Is The Law ?

The Law Of Attraction, that is. Well, in its simplest form, as many people have observed, it means that your thoughts can become the things and events of your life.

This holds the promise to you of a rich and abundant life, because by changing your thoughts you can change the reality of the world around you.

And that requires certain things from you: it requires your connection with the universe to be in an active form (which probably means having some kind of spiritual life); it requires you to express certain attitudes and beliefs in the way that you feel and think; and most of all, it requires you to believe in your capacity to create reality.

Of course people have a lot of questions about manifestation in love attraction – they have even more questions about God and spirituality and life purpose.

In that context, I want you to dispense with the view that the universe (or God) is somehow watching and judging you, or weighing up your actions for good and evil, and measuring out your worth as a result of the judgments he or she makes of you.

Life isn’t like that. You are a creator, you have the capacity to shape your life by manifesting reality in the way that you wish. That’s the long and short of it. Those are the facts of the matter.

Attracting A New Reality

Now, let’s move on to see how this might happen. One of the observations worth keeping close at hand as we go on this journey is that only the most extreme skeptic could disbelieve that telepathy, ESP or some form of mind power exists.

Even your own experience, when you think of somebody, and they immediately phone you, should inform you that there are mysteries of consciousness we are not generally aware of.

And if you’ve ever experienced intense desire for a particular outcome and then seen it manifest in your life almost spontaneously, you probably believe this anyway.

And please don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’re trapped in a world of limitations. Your mind is a brilliant vehicle for solving problems, not only those of manifestation, but also those of which areas you need to “work on” before you can actually manifest something more desirable for yourself than the world you currently live in.

As Mike puts it, be an adventurer. You’ve got things stuff to learn and things to master on this journey. And while there may be times when you spin your wheels and lament about something, you have to remind yourself that it does no good trying to do the same thing again and again and expect a different result.

And when you can openly ask yourself “What am I not seeing that’s obviously there? How else could I view this situation?” you’ve reached the point where you can begin a new adventure into truth.

Creating Reality Successfully Every Time!

Your imagination goes beyond time and space, it has no boundaries that we know of, and no one else consciously knows what is in it.

You can do what you like with it, and you can adopt whatever dreams and hopes and aspirations and beliefs you like.

Given this incredible power, why would you not use it?

Answer – maybe because it’s filled with programs and operating systems that other people gave to you. And unfortunately these are quite likely to have polluted your basic nature.

You don’t have to allow that to happen any more.

Instead, you can put a boundary around your imagination by keeping to yourself the visions and dreams, the hopes and aspirations, and the beliefs and ideas, which the less visionary people around you might not support.

There are too many people in the world who are ready to tell you what they think you need to know about Laws of Attraction – but they may not be acting in your best interests.

Very often the people who are advising you most strongly about what you should do in life are the ones who have the greatest need to be in control, to be always right, or to “help” others.

This might be advice can do without! The kind of support you need is from people who share your dreams and genuinely want you to expand beyond your current reality.

My next suggestion reiterates a point I’ve already made. Do not allow your current concerns to occupy your mind to the exclusion of your future vision.

The fact is, if you continue to do things in the future in the way that you’ve always done them in the past, the results you get tomorrow will be exactly the same as the results you got yesterday.

Deal with this by adopting a sense of positivity in your life, and by using the present tense in all your imaginings. So don’t think or say, I will be rich, successful and happy. Instead, think or say, I am blessed, abundance flows easily to me, and happiness is my state of mind.

There are two differences here: one is that your thinking is in the present tense, and it expresses your vision as a current reality (an incongruity to which the subconscious mind will respond by bringing your reality into line with your vision).

The second is that you’ve changed from the specific but rather meaningless to the entirely clear and fulfilling qualities that your imagination will find it much easier to bring about. (Ask yourself how rich is rich? How successful is successful?)

Emotions and Successfully Using Law Of Attraction

Attraction, Your Higher Self and Your Imagination

Remember that emotional states like fear or anxiety, hatred, sadness and so on separate you from your natural, god-given state of being. And of course we are human, and those feelings are probably an inevitable part of our existence.

Even so, if God is love, as many people believe, then experiencing them somehow separates you from your natural state of being. And of course, experiencing them will make it much harder for you to use our God-given law of attraction successfully.

In the preceding sections we’ve talked about intention, maintaining positive attitude, not being bound by the beliefs of the past, and keeping the energy and intention of your visions and beliefs about the future to yourself.

When you do all of these things, and you live a life which is in line with your deeper spiritual nature, all things become possible. None of us, I suspect, would deny that our personal Higher Power has abilities which go far beyond anything we can imagine in our existence on the earthly plane.

To accept synchronicity in he service of the Law of Attraction, to be comfortable with what Wayne Dyer refers to as “the bewildering world of synchronicity blossoming before your eyes when your imagination encapsulates your intention to manifest for yourself and others“, requires you to align yourself with the God force that created you.

Think about the magnitude of that statement! What it says is that when you adopt a certain attitude of mind, you align yourself with God – with all the force that the universe has to offer.

And the way in which you align yourself with that force is by using your imagination, and the energy of your emotion. You’ll find your Higher Self more willing to give you what you want, and to give it to you more easily, then you can imagine.

This grace may appear to be mystifying when it happens, but your emotional response to it will probably confirm for you that you are living the life that you were always meant to be living as a “human manifestor” drawing on your spiritual power.

Synchronicity, if you haven’t experienced it yet, comes in many forms. For example: the unexpected arrival of money when you need it most; the coincidental location of information which just happens to be exactly what you need an unexpected phone call from an old friend or contact; a sudden change in your behavior or attitudes, or the attitude and behavior of another person in your life, unexpected healing….

The list is literally endless, and always awe-inspiring. But not, perhaps, to those who know of their divine nature, essentially surprising.

To reiterate, then:

Perhaps the most important takeaway suggestions from this section are as follows:

  • That you live as though you are already a part of the divine, expecting manifestation to occur when you set an intention to use Law of Attraction techniques.
  • That you pay close attention to your unconscious mind, and especially the quality of thoughts which live in it.
  • That you develop some kind of spiritual or emotional practice which reminds you to maintain a positive attitude and to replace negative expectations and beliefs with positive ones.
  • That you maintain your language and expectations around manifestation as though the the manifestations which you desire had already happened: in other words, live “as if” you have the reality you want… I am blessed, fulfilled and happy.
  • That you accept the power of manifestation is your divine right, and that its power to give you what you want, and to produce a new reality, is beyond your current imagining.
  • That you try to stay in a state of grace and gratitude for the gift of manifestation which is rightfully yours.



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