Spirituality, Science, and Law Of Attraction

Spirituality and the Law of Attraction

There are many aspects of our existence on this planet which seem to suggest the existence of a human soul. And for some people who want to know more about the Law of Attraction this can be a stepping stone to increased belief in these ideas – or faith, to put it another way. 

We can call the soul a spiritual aspect of life. Spirituality is a word that encompasses mysterious energetic forces beyond our physical existence. And the soul, if we have one, is definitely well beyond the physical.

Yet in every culture that’s ever existed there have been people who believed in another dimension to human existence – the soul.  (We are using the word soul to mean a part of the human experience which is much bigger than our physical limitations.)

Indeed, the soul is generally thought of as the part of us that connects with the energy of the universe. And often the part of us which can somehow continue to exist after our physical death.

It’s a tempting prospect for Law of Attraction adventurers like you and me to connect the concept of “soul” with manifestation.

After all, surely a part of us that can link to the universal energy field could allow us to manifest reality in any way we desire?

But of course a lot of people find it hard to accept this idea. No surprise! After all, there is little or no scientific evidence (or even personal reflection) which can lead us to the conclusion that the existence of our soul is a reality.

Of course our problem is that we are based in the physical world, and we rely on scientific ideas to explain that world.

And neuroscience would have us believe that consciousness, our awareness of self, is an epiphenomenon – a byproduct – of neural activity.

From the scientific point of view, the activity of the body and mind are simply based on the energetic processes and chemical reactions within the cells of our body.

The concept of some sort of universal energy field which can connect or communicate with us all (and vice versa), is meaningless and irrelevant to science.

Yet recent thinking around the “theory of everything” suggests there might be another way of looking at reality.

Ken Wilber A Theory Of Everything
A book which seeks to reconcile science and spiritual philosophy

And it follows that if this view of reality involves connection between human consciousness and the universal energy field, then those of us interested in manifestation should give it some serious thought.

Indeed, many people who have some kind of metaphysical or mystical experience seem to come to the conclusion that the universal energy behind our world, the founding principle of the universe we live in, is love.  After this kind of experience, people seem to have faith in the concept of a universal consciousness.

The majority of people, however, who have not had this experience, sit in a place of skepticism. Which is completely understandable, really.

To believe that the soul,  the energetic essence of a person, is an aspect of the universe somehow linked with a body, a human being manifested in physical form, is challenging. It is an act of faith. In fact, it may be the only act of faith needed to make manifestation happen.

Here’s something interesting which scientists tend to overlook. Even though huge strides have been made in understanding the physiology and mechanism of the brain, our subjective experience of self remains a mystery.

Not only that, but the very reason for us having a subjective experience of self remains a mystery. What is the point of our self-awareness?

To say that it is an epiphenomenon of neural activity is a cheap get out. We need a better explanation for our soul, our sense of self than that.

Your Soul and The Universe

Throughout the history of the human race, great spiritual teachers have wondered about the relationship between the soul of man – call it the mind of man if you prefer – and the universe.

So let’s pause for a moment here and think about manifestation by means of the Law of Attraction. What is this idea really suggesting?

In essence it is simply this:  in some way the energy of our minds can impact universal energy in a way that causes certain objects, people or experiences to manifest in physical form.

Doesn’t that become a concept much easier to believe if you accept that we all have a soul, or, if you prefer the terminology, a spiritual side to our existence?

Why not take a different view?

A view which simply says that because we are part of the universe, we have the ability to influence the form in which things manifest. 

A view which holds that life, consciousness, and the soul of our existence, are not simply an aspect of the activity of atoms and particles.

But by simply adding life into the equation of quantum physics we can begin to unravel these mysteries.

An experiment conducted on the nature of light in the early part of the 20th century demonstrated that simply watching a photon of light renders it particle-like. For example, as a particle it can only go through one of two parallel slits at a time.

But when the experiment is constructed so that no human observer is present, the photon of light can take on the qualities of a wave, which enables it to pass through two slits at the same time.

At its essence, what this demonstrates is that even what appear to be immutable physical laws are actually intangible representations of energy, probability and possibility.

There is no clearer demonstration to this day of the fact that human presence can impact the behavior of the forces of the universe. (Of course successful manifestation is another such demonstration – but that’s evidence on a personal, experiential level, and counts for nothing in scientific terms.)

Further thoughts

Physical experiments show even the mere probability of an outcome in the mind of the experimenter will impact physical reality in the world.

Surely, you might say, that this is only relevant to subatomic particles?

Well, no. Large molecules can demonstrate the same qualities of losing a well-defined position and having a quantum wave function which extends simultaneously over a large area. See sciencedaily.com for more on this.

Nobody is suggesting this kind of experiment provides an explanation of Law of Attraction and manifestation. Even so, it is significant.

For example, bear in mind that the entire world which you believe you “see” around you, consists of nothing more than a representation in your mind.

There is in fact no evidence whatsoever that it really exists. The evidence of your senses, you say? Well, you can only perceive the world through your senses, and therefore its apparent reality is entirely dependent on your brain’s function. So how do you know it exists independently of your observation? You cannot.

Even the solidity of an object which you hit with your fist appears to be solid only because your brain registers it that way. Which gives us a new frame or reference for the world….

If space and time are actually tools putting together reality, then manifestation becomes much more believable – even commonplace.

And also, in that case, our ability to somehow connect to an energetic field within the universe and influence it with our minds begins to seem highly likely.

How might this influence happen?

By the connection of our soul, the part of the mind which is immortal and exists outside of time and space, to the universal energy beyond consciousness.

The Law of Attraction and Manifestation Explained