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There’s no question that most people want to use Law of Attraction concepts either to get a relationship or to get more money.

That’s quite understandable because those are the two primary drivers for us – or at least, for most of us – in everyday life.

And yet at the same time, this is one of the most tricky areas of human existence, not really because attracting a partner using Law of Attraction is difficult  (it certainly isn’t), but because all our relationships tend to be overlaid by all the historical stuff that we’ve experienced in the past.

You see, that can be very powerful – indeed, there’s probably no other area of human existence (except food and money) which has such a powerful impact on us as love and sex.

And the experiences that you’ve had might have caused you to build up certain beliefs about your relationship with love and attraction which aren’t, shall we say, strictly accurate.

Unfortunately, these may have firmly implanted themselves in your subconscious, to the extent that they are going to impact on your ability to manifest a soulmate relationship using the law of attraction and manifestation.

Attracting A Soul Mate Relationship Is Possible

Deep down in our subconscious, everyone of us has loads of beliefs which tell us that we aren’t good enough to attract an ideal soulmate.

But of course law of attraction specifically says that if you’re working on the basis of what you believe to be true, rather what you want to be true, then what you’ll get is what you believe to be true.

To put this more simply: if you don’t think you’re worthwhile, or you don’t believe that somebody good will want you, then sure enough, you’ll attract people who reflect those beliefs.

Of course most of us are focused on fear: in this case, the fear of the possibility of not having a relationship. That’s how the mind works….

Yet at the same time, as you well know, the law of attraction requires us to be focused on what we want, and perhaps even to live “as if” we already had it.

How can we reconcile these difficulties, and use law of attraction to find a good relationship?

Perhaps the first thing you have to do is abandon the idea that what’s happened in the past is an indicator of what’s going to happen in the future. This is only true if you believe it will be so.

You see, once you start changing your internal emotional and mental world, and start believing that you can bring something different into your life, that’s exactly what will happen.

You do not have to  compromise in your belief that you can have the person you want, and that there is a person out there who is worthy of you, and you of them. 

It’s as simple as that: if you don’t believe you’ll find the right person, you won’t. If you expect to end up alone, you will.

And if you expect to find a soulmate, you will.

At some level you have to change your internal reality so you fundamentally know you are worthy of a relationship with somebody who can be your soulmate.

And of course these deep negative beliefs won’t go overnight – at least, not generally. They need to be worked on, and sometimes that work involves difficult and challenging experiences.

Sometimes this involves therapy or counselling, and sometimes it involves a series of relationships, each of which is a stepping stone to something better.

But please don’t be discouraged by this: for as long as you believe and expect that you can have a better relationship, and that it will be fulfilling, and that a soulmate will join you in your path through life, that is what will eventually happen.

Sure, getting from where you are now to getting what you want to be requires a bit of work and some more empowering beliefs.

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So what are the underlying issues which stop people being in a soulmate relationship?

The first thing you have to appreciate is that somewhere, at some level, you’re in your current situation because it’s serving you in some way.

That may sound hard to believe, particularly when you think of people who are in abusive relationships, but it’s undoubtedly true.

At the simplest level, being in a relationship which is not good for you can justify and confirm the beliefs you hold about yourself: for example, that at some level you don’t feel good enough to be in a relationship with a decent man or woman. Or that you don’t deserve to be happy.

Don’t dismiss this as crazy. It’s all part of the Law Of Attraction  concepts and the universal principles of manifestation.

You may think it’s impossible anybody would believe such a thing, but the truth is these beliefs are held in our subconscious, out of the reach of our conscious minds.

Regrettably, the subconscious mind tries to keep you safe from threatening situations by sabotaging your attempts to move out of the status quo to something better.

And if you’re finding relationships difficult, if a soulmate is hard to find, something inside you, at some deep level, is making you feel that you’re unworthy of deep intimacy and love.

You aren’t a person who deserves bad relationships – quite the opposite. You deserve to be happy, and that’s actually your birthright.

How you activate the energy that makes it possible for you to take responsibility for your well-being and find the relationship that will empower you depends on – yes, you guessed it, it depends on you alone.

If you fear being happy, or being successful, or indeed if you fear intimacy, perhaps it’s worthwhile getting some counselling or therapy to deal with this, rather than stumbling from one relationship to another, each of them proving your subconscious beliefs about yourself.

It’s certainly necessary to deal with such fears, otherwise you’ll be attracting relationships which are problematic till the day you die. The Law Of Attraction techniques you use will produce negative outcomes just as easily as they produce positive ones!

As I said before, the purpose of these difficult relationships is probably to keep you feeling bad about yourself, so you can’t explore life more fully. After all, there may have been a small you, many years ago, who decided that was the best way to stay safe.

And also, you’ve probably heard the expression “you can’t love someone else till you love yourself.” How absolutely true that is! If you feel that you don’t love yourself, you’re incapable of expressing your real love to somebody else.

And yet at the same time, if you’re not loving yourself, not being who you truly are, you won’t be able to find somebody to love you for who you truly are.

Even with the law of attraction working for you, you may never find your soulmate until you stop this happening.

Often people think they can deal with this by putting up a facade and acting as if they were happy, or not being authentic in some way – but the problem is with this approach that you don’t allow somebody to see the real you, and you’re probably going to attract somebody who is doing the same thing.

(This is part of the phenomenon called projection and mirroring, where you see in others those things you can’t accept in yourself.)

The Law of Attraction will always operate by attracting like to like, so if you’re not being genuine, watch out – you’re likely to “produce” people in your life who can mirror back to you exactly what you’re putting out into the world.

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