Affirmations Help You Get What You Want


To be effective, affirmations used in the service of your attempts at manifesting using Law of Attraction ideas have to be believable – that is to say, they have to be believable for you.

What you can believe about your achievements and success will be different to what the next person can believe about their achievements and success. You need to do this FOR YOU!

In other words, make sure that there is no incongruity between what you believe you can achieve in the next five years and the affirmations you have written down.

One way to get around the difficulty of setting goals that are too ambitious – and therefore unbelievable – is by reducing your expectations. Simply set a goal that is believable FOR YOU!

We often hear of people who want to be a millionaire, and set that as a goal – but at the same time they don’t really believe that for them becoming a millionaire is possible. (Don’t operate like this – if you do, Law of Attraction won’t work! And that’s particularly true if you are struggling to pay the rent every month!)

Like I said, one way to deal with this would be to reduce your goal or objective down to a believable level – perhaps that would be a hundred thousand dollars.

But Marc Allen suggests another way to overcome this kind of limiting belief: instead of affirming “I am now a millionaire” or “I now have $1 million in liquid assets in the bank”, he suggests that you say something like “I am now building financial success” or “I am building a million dollars”.

Indeed, his own affirmation, the one that worked for him was even simpler: “I am now creating total financial success, in an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way.” This is a beautiful affirmation.

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How Affirmations Work

Saying an affirmation like the one above immediately makes the subconscious mind pay attention and work out exactly what you are trying to achieve as far as financial wealth is concerned.

Over time, when the subconscious is engaged in this task, discovering and absorbing the meaning and importance of those words, strange things will begin to happen. Opportunities will appear, ways to achieve financial freedom will manifest, and then plans will begin to form in your mind.

If you also have a list of objectives and goals in other areas of life, then it’s highly likely, says Marc, that you will get a clearer and clearer picture of each of those goals, and these pictures will include ways to manifest reality.

To be more specific, take this example: once Marc started affirming “I am now creating total financial success, in an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way” he discovered that he was looking at wealth creation in a much more complicated way than at first seemed to be the case.

For example, he realized that FOR HIM there were four levels of wealth (he’s not suggesting this is something that applies to everyone – this is just the way he saw it): first, having a net worth of $1 million; second, having a net worth of $1 million excluding his business; third, having $1 million in liquid assets; and fourth, attaining true financial independence by having sufficient assets to generate enough income to live on.

Having achieved the first two, Marc rapidly jumped to stage four without even passing through stage three.

So what’s the point of all of this?

Well, the point is that you MUST have clear goals and objectives, and once you have them your subconscious mind will set about manifesting them through the law of conscious creation, also known as our universal Law of Attraction, faster than you could possibly imagine.

And of course that requires certain things from you: it requires your commitment to yourself, and of course to your goals.

Let me ask you: what level of commitment are you prepared to bring to manifesting the life that you want to live?

I have met people who were not even prepared to commit to reading their affirmations repeatedly over a period of weeks. Yet this is what will start things happening in your life.

It’s not much work, but somehow, for some people, even this small investment can seem too much to cope with.

To me, however, this says they’re not really passionate about achieving the goals they claim they want to see in their lives.

I mean, if you’re even not prepared to write your goals down – each goal being a scene from your ideal life – and you’re not prepared to repeat the affirmations daily, then how committed to achieving those outcomes can you possibly be?

Don’t Mess With Your Individual Law Of Attraction!

Make no mistake about it, our Law of Attraction is not fickle, but it certainly won’t fulfill the aspirations and ambitions of someone who is not even prepared to commit to a few minutes a day to consider their goals and visualize a better future!

Assuming that you are ready and willing to do this, write down your ideal life-scene, and the goals which are embedded in it.

Write them as affirmations, and repeat these every night and every morning.

And, to make assurance doubly sure, begin or end each goal with the following words: “In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time for the highest good of all.” This idea is taken from The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity,  a book by Catherine Ponder.]

One of the important things about setting goals is that you need to be clear you’re in control of the process: so adapt the formulaic process set out here to your own specific needs and requirements, so that when you say your affirmation out loud it will quickly impact and become imprinted on your subconscious mind.

After that you’re going to start noticing small changes – that is to say, something like a new idea or a new possibility popping into your mind unexpectedly, or an unexpected change in your behavior in a stressful or difficult situation.

Others who’ve tried this method have experienced the unfolding of plans and dreams in great detail, almost like a purpose or method of achieving something was being revealed in its entirety.

No matter how the process unfolds for you, accept them in an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way.

Marc Allen affirms that this process really works.

And of course it does – repetition of goals and dreams in a way that makes them entirely familiar to you and will imprint them on your subconscious mind.

And, as you know, the subconscious mind keeps your connection to the universe, to the law of attraction and the other universal laws that govern your existence on this planet.

And the subconscious is always ready to accept suggestions that are clearly beneficial and for the good of you and humanities a whole. (Regrettably, it’s also ready to accept suggestions which are negative – but we are not concerned with that here. This is about achieving goals that are positive and uplifting to you and your soul.)

In fact, authors on Law of Attraction concepts have known for generations that the subconscious mind is an incredibly powerful storehouse of energy which operates in both a really sophisticated and a really simple way.

The simplicity is derived from the fact that you can program it to achieve anything you wish for and can believe in. Its complexity is derived from the fact that it holds this mysterious connection to the universal laws of attraction. This connection can give you more than you could ever have imagined possible, more quickly than you could ever have expected.

In fact, Lenedra J. Carroll wrote in her book The Architecture of All Abundance that “the universe is constantly saying ‘yes’ to us. It is our task to discover what within us it is saying yes to… We live in a vast and supremely responsive universe. Within this great being, we are infinitely prosperous.”

If this is true, and the universe -or Law of Attraction – is indeed constantly saying ‘yes’ to you, and constantly supporting you in the achievement of whatever you say and think and do, what does that mean for you?

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