How The Law of Attraction Works (2)

Creating A New Reality

Is it really possible there’s a simple formula which sums up the whole process of manifestation?

Well, the short and simple answer to this appears to be “yes”. Remarkable though it may seem, it looks as though the whole process of manifestation can be summed up in a formula which explains how the Law of Attraction works.

To examine this, we need to consider the fundamental principles behind the mechanics of manifestation – in the simplest form, these can be represented as follows:

First, you set a goal or objective, something that is deeply significant to you, something that has massive importance, or something that you passionately want.

Second, you summon up some emotional energy around that goal or objective – often this can be the desire that you feel to have it in your life, or it may be a sense of relief or gratitude that you expect feel when it has manifested.

Third, you use that emotional energy to propel your goal and desire out into the universe by experiencing it at the same time as you visualize your objective. You visualize your objective twice a day, for around 15 minutes each time.

Fourth, you enter into a mental state of expectancy, where you actually expect whatever it is you are “programming for” to appear in your life. Note that expectancy is subtly different to belief, although complementary to it in the process of manifestation.

Fifth, you summon up 100% belief in the possibility of what you’re trying to manifest actually appearing in your life by dealing with any and all the limiting beliefs which stand in the way.

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Barriers to Attracting Reality

In general, limiting beliefs are thoughts you believe to be true about yourself which can stop you embodying belief in some goal or objective.

For example, if you’re trying to achieve abundance, and you believe that your worth is around $20,000 a year – as measured, let’s say, by the amount of money you earn in your job – then it’s highly unlikely that you are going to be able to create financial abundance in your life any time soon.

And sixth, you take some kind of action: doesn’t have to be massive action, it just needs to be significant steps that show the universe that you are in fact dedicated to achieving some kind of change in your life, and that you’re prepared to commit time and effort to making your goal or objective manifest.

So if you distil all of that down into a handy “cut out and keep guide”, it begins to look like this:


Some people have great difficulty believing that something that seems so esoteric and mysterious as Law of Attraction can be expressed in such a simple formula.

Yet when you think about it, any universal law, be it of physics, chemistry, or human behaviour, or manifestation, can be expressed in a formula.

All that we are doing here is representing the key elements of how you can co-create a different reality in your life and expressing them in the sequence in which they have to take place.

(By the way, co-creation is an expression used to sum up a principle inherent in all manifestation – which is that you are not creating your new reality alone – you are doing it in association with the universe. Neither of you can create reality alone; it is always a cooperative venture.)

Another question that frequently comes up among people who are starting out on the path of manifestation is whether or not the universe has some kind of consciousness that allows it to “regulate” manifestation – almost like the universe or the Law of Attraction is “deciding” whether or not you’re worthy of getting whatever it is that you’re trying to co-create.

The answer is more subtle than a simple yes or no.

Clearly the universe does not have a conscious mind, and it’s not able to make decisions about whether or not you “deserve” something.

But Law of Attraction dictates that when certain things happen in a certain order and with enough energy behind them, then there must be a specific outcome.

One of the reasons why people think the universe is somehow exercising conscious choice about whether or not they receive something is that they are unwilling to believe they’ve not been using the process of manifestation correctly (and so it hasn’t worked for them).

Other people find that they get something different to what they were envisaging or imagining in their minds, and they therefore think it’s almost as though the universe is testing them or challenging them, or maybe even offering them “what they really need”.

None of these assumptions or beliefs is true.

The universe will give you precisely what you are asking for if you ask for it in the right way.

If you get something that is different to what you’re asking for, it’s because that is a preliminary step you have to go through before you can actually achieve your final objective.

This may seem hard to believe, but the universe always gives you what you want if you ask for it in the right way (and provided you believe in Law of Attraction principles) – this is a fact that’s been known to truth seekers for many generations, and it’s summed up in the Bible quote “Ask and it shall be given unto you”.

Attraction – Is It Spiritual?

Which leads us into another question that people often ask about manifestation – they say “is it a spiritual process”?

That depends on what you mean by spiritual.

What I’ve come to believe over the years I’ve been working the field of manifestation is that there’s a part of the human mind which connects easily with a greater whole which we could call the universal energy, or the universal mind.

I see the universal mind as a cosmic energy field which is composed of part of every human’s mind (and also possibly the consciousness of all the other living entities on the surface of this planet).

This is what Carl Jung the pioneer psychotherapist called the cosmic consciousness. Now, he believed that we held much of our human knowledge in a field of collective human consciousness (the cosmic consciousness).

I’m not sure about that: I think the cosmic consciousness or universal intelligence or universal mind (all of which mean the same thing to me) is simply the collective energy field made up of elements of the subconscious part of all the human minds on this planet right now.

It seems to me that there has to be some unifying field that connects us all for manifestation to occur. That’s because when you send out your desires and wishes into the universal energy field, you will impact not only physical events but other people, so that they can be in the right place at the right time to make your desires happen.

Video – the unifying field

Many people believe that some kind of cosmic intelligence or cosmic consciousness or universal energy field is what we actually think of as “God”.

I don’t want to enter into a debate on that particular point, but I think it’s sufficient to say that in some way we perhaps do not fully understand, one of our birthrights as human beings on this planet is to experience connection in such a way that we are able to influence the manifestation of physical reality with the power of our minds.

In the next posts on this blog I will look at the component elements of manifestation in more detail and see how Law of Attraction principles play out in reality.

The Law of Attraction and Manifestation Explained